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[texts]XBOX Manual: Stubbs the Zombie
XBOX Manual: Stubbs the Zombie
Keywords: stubbs; button; punchbowl; zombie; seizures; thumbstick; possessed; zombies; wye; game; video games; thumbstick pause; start button; left thumbstick
Downloads: 33
[audio]Thumbstick Gamer Podcast - Episode 2: Glitch
This week AHPM starts, we address 720 rumors while glitching the whole time, along with batman origins and kinect crap. We also discuss what we have been playing and how we put up so many points. ***There is a technical glitch during our headlines segment, instead of rerecording we decided to just put in a notice. If you want to skip the headlines segment, head to 17:50 where we start our playtime segment...
Keywords: thumbstickgamer; thumbstick; gamer; podcast; episode; 2; glitch
Downloads: 81
[audio]Thumbstick Gamer Podcast: Episode 1
This week we cover a bit of interesting news, kinect crap, yard sales, and even chickens. We also cover what weve been playing and other crap that has to do with gaming. Join us for our first adventure into the world of podcasting.
Keywords: thumbstickgamer; thumbstick; gamer; podcast; episode1; technoaxe
Downloads: 141
[audio]Thumbstick Gamer Podcast - Episode 3: Sad News
This weeks episode we discuss Nintendo - are they even trying witht the WIIU, Studio shutdowns, Adam Orth, and Fashion Show Multiplayer. In games of the week we discuss Where the Wild Things Are, NFS Most Wanted, Japanese Shmups, EA Fitness 2, Madagascar Karts, and Shark Dash makes an appearance. Enjoy.
Keywords: Thumbstick Gamer; Thumbstick; Gamer; Podcast; Episode 3; Sad News; Nintendo; XBOX; Playstation
Downloads: 40
[audio]Thumbstick Gamer Podcast - Episode 2:Glitch
This week we experience our first glitch during the podcast. During our headlines segment we start talking ver top of each other, its weird and annoying, so if you want to skip it, jump to 17:50 where we start our Playtime segment. This week we cover 720 rumors, batman origins, announce some free giveaways, and more.
Keywords: thumbstick; gamer; podcast; thumbstickgamer; xbox; wii; ps3
Downloads: 13
[audio]Thumbstick Gamer Podcast - Special Edition - XBOX One (XBONE) - Thumbstick Gamer
After the Xbox One reveal we have some opinions on the facts we know so far that we had to get off our chest. Is it evil or is it the second coming of greatness? Do you agree with us or are we way out in left field on this one? Let us know: email: mailbag@thumbstickgamer.com
Keywords: Xbox one; microsoft; thumbstick gamer podcast; reveal; feedback; facts; info
Downloads: 50
[texts]generalmanual 000073083
generalmanual 000073083
Keywords: thumbstick; digital; press; audio; motorola; select; player; software; menu; music; press thumbstick; digital audio; move thumbstick; audio player; digital music; motorola digital; pressing thumbstick; open menu; third party; music center
Downloads: 12
[texts]XBOX Manual: Second Sight
XBOX Manual: Second Sight
Keywords: vattic; thumbstick; psi; select; psychic; tne; seizures; blast; lock; andrew; psi blast; left thumbstick; psychic energy; person view; directional pad
Downloads: 42
[texts]XBOX Manual: Test Drive - Eve of Destruction
XBOX Manual: Test Drive - Eve of Destruction
Keywords: thumbstick; button; select; press; left; race; music; choose; eve; left thumbstick; thumbstick left; universal music; music corp; main menu; set number; jam music; video game; music group; music enterprises
Downloads: 36
[texts]XBOX Manual: ESPN NFL Football - Enhanced Manual
XBOX Manual: ESPN NFL Football - Enhanced Manual
Keywords: press; player; thumbstick; xbox; highlight; team; select; nfl; players; trigger; left thumbstick; directional pad; press start; left trigger; espn nfl; nfl football; team select; fantasy draft; xbox hard; thumbstick button
Downloads: 22
[texts]XBOX Manual: ESPN NHL Hockey - Enhanced Manual
XBOX Manual: ESPN NHL Hockey - Enhanced Manual
Keywords: press; player; trigger; thumbstick; highlight; left; players; puck; select; user; left thumbstick; left trigger; directional pad; thumbstick button; user profile; press start; press black; speed burst; minute overtime; cycle forward
Downloads: 34
[texts]XBOX Manual: Shrek 2
XBOX Manual: Shrek 2
Keywords: button; shrek; character; thumbstick; directional; snapshots; controls; xbox; gome; game; control character; left thumbstick; button jump; directional pad; controls left; action button; character directional; button action; thumbstick control; customer support
Downloads: 77
[texts]XBOX Manual: Conflict - Desert Storm
XBOX Manual: Conflict - Desert Storm
Keywords: soldier; button; thumbstick; desert; xbox; soldiers; press; mission; directional; select; desert storm; directional pad; mission objectives; left thumbstick; orders menu; highlighted soldier; flashing text; control panel; selected soldier; thumbstick button
Downloads: 63
[texts]XBOX Manual: NBA Inside Drive 2003
XBOX Manual: NBA Inside Drive 2003
Keywords: select; luith; luant; button; press; thumbstick; game; nba; player; luhen; left thumbstick; successful successful; xbox game; skill points; shooting control; settings menu; inside drive; game tips; thumbstick left; nba inside
Downloads: 31
[texts]XBOX Manual: Driver 3
XBOX Manual: Driver 3
Keywords: xbox; button; thumbstick; camera; press; directional; replay; controller; cops; left; xbox live; left thumbstick; directional pad; film director; auto director; xbox hard; xbox controller; thumbstick left; video game; start button
Downloads: 43
[texts]XBOX Manual: Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb (2003)(Lucas Arts)(US)
XBOX Manual: Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb (2003)(Lucas Arts)(US)
Keywords: button; pressing; thumbstick; software; attack; lucasarts; lec; xbox; press; combat; video game; lucasarts entertainment; left thumbstick; close combat; primary attack; xbox controller; left trigger; secondary attack
Downloads: 27
[texts]XBOX Manual: Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb
XBOX Manual: Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb
Keywords: button; pressing; thumbstick; xbox; software; lec; attack; lucasarts; combat; left thumbstick; press; primary attack; secondary attack; close combat; xbox controller; left trigger; video game; lucasarts entertainment
Downloads: 59
[texts]XBOX Manual: Scooby-Doo Unmasked
XBOX Manual: Scooby-Doo Unmasked
Keywords: button; scooby; game; thumbstick; mubber; costume; ingredients; velma; thq; unlock; left thumbstick; monstrous fright; save game; video games; trap pieces; scooby snacks; recipe ingredients; costume machines
Downloads: 66
[texts]XBOX Manual: Narc
XBOX Manual: Narc
Keywords: press; meter; button; badge; cop; thumbstick; midway; rating; arrest; controls; badge rating; rating falls; left thumbstick; arrest meter; software product; marcus hill; jack forzenski; beat cop; arrest procedure
Downloads: 29
[texts]XBOX Manual: Defender
XBOX Manual: Defender
Keywords: button; press; thumbstick; manti; game; colonists; xbox; weapon; controller; ship; left thumbstick; special weapon; controller port; game data; xbox controller; video game; saved game; options menu; main menu
Downloads: 29
[texts]XBOX Manual: Headhunter - Redemption
XBOX Manual: Headhunter - Redemption
Keywords: sega; button; xbox; map; disc; thumbstick; seizures; warranty; ttie; game; pan map; video games; rotate map; video game; limited warranty; left thumbstick; game system; code breaker
Downloads: 89
[texts]XBOX Manual: Grand Theft Auto - Vice City
XBOX Manual: Grand Theft Auto - Vice City
Keywords: xbox; ttie; controller; button; trigger; seizures; thumbstick; tiie; ond; vice city; xbox controller; left trigger; controller port; thumbstick button; directional pad
Downloads: 84
[texts]XBOX Manual: Racing Evoluzione
XBOX Manual: Racing Evoluzione
Keywords: controller; racing; game; directional; seizures; mode; thumbstick; options; dream; choose; directional pad; dream mode; controller port; video games; left thumbstick; cylinders engine
Downloads: 53
[audio]Thumbstick Gamer Podcast - Episode 4: Turtle's aren't Alien's - Thumbstick Gamer Podcast
Finally back for you alls listening pleasure. Episode 4 here to rock your faces. This week Eric takes a vacation, we play news roulette and talk watch dogs and AC4 (among other things), cover all the games we have played this past two weeks, including The Walking Dead, 2006 Fifa, Injustice: Gods among us, and answer questions and comments from all of you listeners. I also share my big gamble on a RROD 360...
Keywords: thumbstick; gamer; podcast; episode; 4; xbox infinite; watch dogs; wii u; black flag; ac; cod; ghost
Downloads: 72
[texts]XBOX Manual: Gun - AU Manual
XBOX Manual: Gun - AU Manual
Keywords: colton; xbox; quickdraw; directional; saddlebag; reload; zoom; weapon; weapons; button; xbox live; side missions; left thumbstick
Downloads: 45
[texts]XBOX Manual: Aggressive Inline (2002)(Acclaim)(US)
XBOX Manual: Aggressive Inline (2002)(Acclaim)(US)
Keywords: button; skater; directional; xbox; grind; trick; tricks; flip; thumbstick; pressing; pro skater; xbox video; directional pad; video game; left thumbstick; skater marital; action button; single participant; juice meter; park editor
Downloads: 28
[texts]XBOX Manual: Amped (2001)(Microsoft)(US)
XBOX Manual: Amped (2001)(Microsoft)(US)
Keywords: favorite; xbox; button; pro; controller; lbs; thumbstick; amped; boarder; select; prd profiles; left trigger; snow summit; pro profiles; reg angles; stance riding; high score; xbox controller; left thumbstick; kurt wastell
Downloads: 31
[texts]XBOX Manual: Conflict Desert Storm (2002)(SCI Games)(US)
XBOX Manual: Conflict Desert Storm (2002)(SCI Games)(US)
Keywords: soldier; button; thumbstick; directional; game; soldiers; press; desert; weapon; mission; flashing text; orders menu; directional pad; gotham games; desert storm; control panel; software engineer; mission objectives; left thumbstick; highlighted soldier
Downloads: 24
[texts]XBOX Manual: Dino Crisis 3 (2003)(Capcom)(US)
XBOX Manual: Dino Crisis 3 (2003)(Capcom)(US)
Keywords: capcom; thumbstick; screen; select; button; game; press; xbox; controller; display; dino crisis; controller port; left thumbstick; support terminal; onscreen instructions; saved data; power button; video game; status screen; tactical credit
Downloads: 33
[texts]XBOX Manual: Airforce Delta Storm (2001)(Konami)(US)
XBOX Manual: Airforce Delta Storm (2001)(Konami)(US)
Keywords: aircraft; mission; enemy; select; directional; thumbstick; button; konami; controller; game; flashes red; briefing screen; directional pad; united forces; left thumbstick; game hint; video games; vice president; controller port; airforce delta
Downloads: 27
[texts]XBOX Manual: Call of Duty 3
XBOX Manual: Call of Duty 3
Keywords: xbox; weapon; thumbstick; multiplayer; button; grenade; controls; game; ammo; medic; left thumbstick; xbox live; mission objectives; special ability; single player; class starts; ammo packs; video games; movement controls; melee attack
Downloads: 165
[texts]XBOX Manual: Sonic Riders
XBOX Manual: Sonic Riders
Keywords: game; thumbstick; air; select; gear; button; race; sonic; gaiuie; xbox; left thumbstick; extreme gear; game data; air tank; air pit; mode select; start button; game screen; limited warranty; chaos emerald
Downloads: 30
[texts]XBOX Manual: Metal Gear Solid 2 - Substance (2002)(Konami)(US)
XBOX Manual: Metal Gear Solid 2 - Substance (2002)(Konami)(US)
Keywords: button; enemy; weapon; thumbstick; equipped; soldier; mode; press; gauge; game; life gauge; trigger buttons; person view; dog tags; left thumbstick; metal gear; tanker chapter; enemy soldier; enemy soldiers; view mode
Downloads: 30
[texts]XBOX Manual: Amped
XBOX Manual: Amped
Keywords: favorite; button; xbox; pro; amped; lbs; thumbstick; select; controller; boarder; reg angles; snow summit; left thumbstick; xbox controller; pro profiles; stance riding; left trigger; high score; goofy angles; directional pad
Downloads: 20
[texts]XBOX Manual: NFL Fever 2003
XBOX Manual: NFL Fever 2003
Keywords: luith; luill; xbox; game; nfl; select; thumbstick; player; luant; button; left thumbstick; nfl fever; xbox live; team play; hot route; ggrgral managgr; friends list; ball carrier; video games; single game
Downloads: 13
[texts]XBOX Manual: Dead to Rights (2002)(Namco)(EU)
XBOX Manual: Dead to Rights (2002)(Namco)(EU)
Keywords: jack; enemy; adrenaline; thumbstick; disarm; menu; press; shadow; weapon; meter; stamina gauge; shadow stamina; left thumbstick; menu item; adrenaline meter; jack slate; xbox controller; body armour; directional pad; flammable canister
Downloads: 27
[texts]XBOX Manual: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004
XBOX Manual: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004
Keywords: press; pga; directional; sports; tour; select; pad; game; xbox; thumbstick; directional pad; pga tour; press directional; tiger woods; electronic arts; woods pga; left thumbstick; tour season; game modes; sports bio
Downloads: 19
[texts]XBOX Manual: Amped 2 (2003)(Microsoft)(US)
XBOX Manual: Amped 2 (2003)(Microsoft)(US)
Keywords: amped; xbox; trick; select; mountain; thumbstick; ride; tricks; career; players; tweaked grabs; trick race; salt lake; free ride; left thumbstick; xbox live; best high; media score; high score; lip tricks
Downloads: 29
[texts]XBOX Manual: Carve (2003)(Globe Star Software)(US)
XBOX Manual: Carve (2003)(Globe Star Software)(US)
Keywords: xbox; soma; copyright; trick; appear; carve; ramp; courtesy; thumbstick; spg; trick jump; global star; appear courtesy; ramp trick; spg publishing; left thumbstick; xbox console; xbox live; soma recordings; buoy misses
Downloads: 30
[texts]XBOX Manual: Chronicles of Riddick (2004)(Vivendi Universal)(US)
XBOX Manual: Chronicles of Riddick (2004)(Vivendi Universal)(US)
Keywords: xbox; button; thumbstick; vivendi; starbreeze; andersson; controller; universal; xbox live; riddick; motion capture; live aware; left thumbstick; vice president; vivendi universal; universal games; controller port; vin diesel; left trigger
Downloads: 33
[texts]XBOX Manual: Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow (2004)(Ubisoft)(US)[a]
XBOX Manual: Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow (2004)(Ubisoft)(US)[a]
Keywords: button; xbox; press; select; game; splinter; thumbstick; pressing; sam; ubisoft; argus corporation; shadownet team; xbox live; thermal vision; splinter cell; cell pandora; interface displays; left thumbstick; technical support; night vision
Downloads: 32
[texts]XBOX Manual: Sega Soccer Slam
XBOX Manual: Sega Soccer Slam
Keywords: press; thumbstick; button; left; sega; controller; team; soccer; xbox; select; left thumbstick; sega soccer; soccer slam; power meter; quick start; ball handler; options menu; left trigger; controller port; choose sides
Downloads: 62
[texts]XBOX Manual: ESPN College Hoops - Enhanced Manual
XBOX Manual: ESPN College Hoops - Enhanced Manual
Keywords: press; trigger; highlight; player; screen; thumbstick; select; players; team; cycle; left trigger; cycle forward; left thumbstick; directional pad; screen allows; press start; press black; screen enables; team select; slam session
Downloads: 42
[texts]XBOX Manual: Legacy of Kain - Blood Omen 2
XBOX Manual: Legacy of Kain - Blood Omen 2
Keywords: kain; press; sarafan; xbox; enemy; weapon; thumbstick; vampire; directional pad; dark; glyph; dark gift; left thumbstick; controller port; sarafan lord; mist form; allows kain; xbox controller; left trigger; rage meter
Downloads: 40
[texts]XBOX Manual: Amped 2
XBOX Manual: Amped 2
Keywords: select; amped; trick; tricks; mountain; ride; players; thumbstick; career; score; salt lake; high score; left thumbstick; free ride; trick race; skill points; lip tricks; xsn sports; xbox live; tweaked grabs
Downloads: 59
[texts]XBOX Manual: Breakdown (2003)(Namco)(US)
XBOX Manual: Breakdown (2003)(Namco)(US)
Keywords: derrick; thumbstick; button; left; xbox; game; trigger; player; directional; controller; trigger derrick; targeting marker; left thumbstick; special techniques; black button; directional pad; access marker; player pulls; left trigger; limited warranty
Downloads: 37
[texts]XBOX Manual: World Series Baseball
XBOX Manual: World Series Baseball
Keywords: baseball; xbox; thumbstick; button; game; league; player; sega; press; players; major league; league baseball; left thumbstick; baseball properties; series baseball; video game; franchise mode; limited warranty; controller port; button action
Downloads: 31
[texts]XBOX Manual: Wreckless
XBOX Manual: Wreckless
Keywords: xbox; game; button; replay; mission; select; controller; thumbstick; tlie; hong kong; main menu; directional pad; controller port; left thumbstick; xbox hard; customer support; video games; video game; save mode
Downloads: 22
[texts]XBOX Manual: Wreckless The Yakuza Missions
XBOX Manual: Wreckless The Yakuza Missions
Keywords: program; game; activision; xbox; replay; license; mission; select; thumbstick; directional; game materials; main menu; left thumbstick; hong kong; directional pad; controller port; customer support; xbox hard; xbox controller; video games
Downloads: 34
[texts]XBOX Manual: Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon
XBOX Manual: Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon
Keywords: thq; game; xbox; scroll; inventory; menu; software; thumbstick; controller; button; thq international; broken sword; xbox controller; context sensitive; sleeping dragon; expansion slot; controller port; navigate menus; left thumbstick; game controls
Downloads: 61
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